Innovative C4ISR systemintegration

The safety and effectiveness of individual military personnel, units and civil security services is our mission. We do this by delivering innovative and technologically high-quality command, control, communication, computing, information, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems. Our strength is the integration of these systems into innovative tailor-made solutions, regardless of whether the equipment comes from our partners, third parties or from you. As former soldiers we know from experience what is at stake. That is why we are flexible and quickly deliver innovative solutions for the operational, tactical and strategic challenges you face. Our customization is unique. Our products are innovative. Let us strengthen your mission.

Strengthen your mission  

Our Promises

We work worldwide for ministries of defense, the armed forces, special units and security services in the military and public sector. They have a special task, which they carry out with great motivation. This requires a special supplier who also works very motivated to the same task. That is SurCom. And we do not just say that. From our own experience we know what you are experiencing and what challenges you face. We know that new technological C4ISR innovations and system integrations make all the difference. Your effectiveness and safety is our mission. That is why we make you a number of promises.


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Product catalog

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