We look after all our products. As a logistics hub, we take a lot of work off your hands by taking care of the entire repair and replacement process for you. We test, diagnose and carry out repairs ourselves at our location in Ede (Netherlands). You will your product  returned as soon as possible. We will give you advice on use, upgrades and possible replacement. So that you can do your work as effectively as possible.

Maintenance contract

SurCom is responsible for the quality and robustness of the products it supplies. They are specially produced for military use or for use in special circumstances by civil security services. For all products it is possible to agree on a maintenance contract, including Service Level Agreement (SLA). You are then assured that we will, as agreed, perform high-quality maintenance on your equipment and repair or replace it in time.


Our engineers have high-quality knowledge of new technologies, but also of old ones. The latter is just as important, because military equipment has a long life. They are able to make good diagnoses, including using very advanced measuring equipment. They also have extensive testing facilities. There is even room to diagnose vehicles. Maintenance or repair takes place within the maintenance contract. If you do not have one, we will offer you a clear offer.

High Quality Advice

SurCom is a high-tech company with its own engineers and technicians. We have knowledge of the latest technological developments and the latest products. SurCom is therefore capable of performing high-quality maintenance at various levels. We will advise you on the operational use of the equipment, the improvement and upgrading of the equipment and the possible replacement of the equipment. This way we strengthen your mission.

Logistic hub

SurCom is designed to act as a logistics hub. We take care of the entire maintenance and repair process. We often see that equipment is supplied with an insufficient description of the problems. As a logistics hub, we make the diagnosis and carry out maintenance and repair. You do not have to worry about it anymore. We even go so far as to make temporary replacement equipment available so that you are not without crucial resources. After maintenance and repair we change the equipment again.


Power of Attorney from the OEM

A large number of manufacturers and suppliers (OEMs – Original Equipment Manufacturers) have given SurCom a power of attorney to carry out worldwide maintenance and repairs during the lifetime of their products. We also provide logistical support to our customers on their behalf. We also carry out the OEM warranty and give product training. The trust of the OEMs in SurCom and the power of attorney that we have received from them ensures that we can handle maintenance and repairs quickly and adequately.

In The Netherlands

We carry out maintenance and repairs ourselves, in the Netherlands. We do this at our own location in Ede (the Netherlands) or at a location of your preference. If necessary, we come ‘in the field’ with a mobile team to speed up the process. We are authorized to carry out maintenance and repairs for a large number of international OEMs. This keeps your product in the Netherlands, which benefits the speed. Even in the exceptional case that we still have to send your equipment to a supplier, we are on top of the process. With us you are at number 1 and you get your equipment back as soon as possible.