SurCom’s C4ISR products have specially been designed for use in military environments and for use by police and security forces (in special situations). We have carefully selected our suppliers, based among other things on robustness, reliability, quality, functionality, proven success and service.


Product catalog C4ISR

SurCom has a large portfolio of electronic and electro-optical products. We monitor developments and innovations worldwide, and regularly add new products to our portfolio. All our products meet the technical and operational requirements for military use.

The robust military equipment in our product C4ISR catalogue are largely applicable or adaptable for safety and security. Additional, specific solutions for civil use in special situations are included in our product catalogue Safety and Security.

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Product catalog Night Vision

For SurCom, night vision means that soldiers can perform their duties at night and have poor visibility. This is possible through the use of image intensifying, where there is residual light amplification, or the use of infrared equipment. To this end, SurCom has managed to bind two players of size, namely Elbit and FLIR respectively. Together, these have various systems for use at fixed locations (for example on towers on shooting ranges and compounds), mobile systems for on-board, sailing and airplanes, systems that fit on weapons and systems that can be used as handhelds.

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Product catalog Safety and Security

The work of police, arrest teams and other civil and law enforcement services has changed as a result of terrorism, brute force, professional crime and unscrupulous opponents. In addition, they increasingly cooperate with military units. This requires robust equipment and communication links that work under all circumstances. Interoperability ensures that civil services and authorities can cooperate seamlessly and communicate with military units. SurCom brings both worlds together. Our mission is to increase the safety and effectiveness of your actions with adequate C4ISR resources.

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Honest Advise

Do you know exactly what you want? Excellent, we will be happy to supply you with one of our high-tech products. We do assess whether your choice is the best solution in your situation. We do not want you to be unpleasantly surprised. We think it is important to give you honest advice and to think along with you. So that we can achieve our mission: to strengthen the safety and effectiveness of military personnel and civil security services.

With SurCom you know that it will work out well.

Think along

We do not sell products, but solutions. That is why we will always engage with you and think along with you. What is the challenge you face? What is your need? We then advise you on the best product to fit to your situation. We also look at the operational implementation and what you need for this. If system integration offers the best solution, we will start this process in close consultation with you and present our innovative customized solutions to you.