Our engineers have high-quality technical knowledge, combined with knowledge of a wide range of C4ISR products. They get plenty of room to research, experiment, develop and innovate. So they can offer you the best custom solution. This leads to unique and innovative C4ISR system integration solutions  that make your work safer, more efficient and more effective.

Integrated Solutions

We add value by listening  to your needs carefully, by thinking along and then by offering a tailor-made solution that exactly matches your needs. Because we employ technicians ourselves, we are not bound to deliver standard products. We are aware of the latest technologies and products. And we know how we can integrate them or how we can expand them ourselves with extra functionalities. We bring together products for the entire chain of command, control, communication, computing, information, surveillance and reconnaissance. We develop and integrate tailor-made products, especially for you. Corresponding documentation is also written by ourselves or under our instructions.  We give you independent advice, explain to you the process of system integration and take your budget into account.

Special Circumstances

The military or civil use of C4ISR equipment does not hold any secrets for us. From experience we know under which heavy and special circumstances you use this equipment. We understand the situation you are in. And we know in detail what is important in the military use of C4ISR systems. This enables us to integrate the best systems for your situation, with maximum effectiveness in special circumstances. For example, we do not just supply some kind of camera system, but we deliver an integrated camera solution that is most effective and user-friendly and that can be  integrated seamlessly into your vehicle. With  SurCom you know that it will work out well.

We know what we do

The latest technologies and C4ISR products are known to us. We follow the current military developments nationally and internationally. We follow new innovations with our suppliers closely. We train and follow courses, so that we can take these innovations as quickly as possible into our system integration efforts. Furthermore, we can be found at trade fairs and conferences, and in the field for exercises and missions. We work together with the knowledge centers of the Dutch armed forces and we have many conversations with end users. Lessons learned are included in our system integration. We keep our knowledge up-to-date, so that you are the first to profit.


We are very precise in the implementation of our C4ISR systems. We take into account a large number of factors. Because of our unique knowledge and military experience, we know what to look for. In some cases we carry out a pre-inspection on-site. SurCom can take care of the entire implementation process, including arranging permits, preparing the subsurface, building facilities (eg masts for camera observation), constructing infrastructure (eg for power supply), performing factory acceptance tests and integrating within existing command and control systems. As project leader, we work closely with the responsible authorities and we manage third parties. After we have tested and assessed everything, we put the system into operation. Of course we ensure interoperability between the systems.

Fast and Flexible

Our engineers are in direct contact with you as a customer so that they know exactly what your needs are. This allows us to specifically respond  to your needs and to take into account new requirements or a changing situation. In principle we can choose equipment from different vendors so we can select the best product in your situation. This benefits the speed and flexibility of the development process. We also solve any problems with the implementation quickly and professionally with our own technicians. SurCom is a flat organization. Switching quickly and responding flexibly to new situations is in our DNA. Of vital importance if you urgently need C4ISR solutions for a mission.


SurCom is an independent system integrator. We are not bound to one particular supplier. In order to deliver the best customized solution, we work together with a large number of partners worldwide. We ourselves select the best products and components for our system integration. For this we have put together our own C4ISR portfolio, with high-quality suppliers and products. If that is not sufficient for your situation, we will look for C4ISR systems outside that we can use. We carry out any modifications (for example to the interface) and extensions (for example of functionalities) that are necessary for system integration. We control the situation. You can build on us.