The C4ISR Center of Excellence is the independent party for product testing and test sets. When required the center of excellence can supply an independent expert assessment during demonstrations and exercises. In addition, we provide you with advise, we share our unique C4ISR knowledge, we deliver consultancy and training, and we think along within  an operational and technological context.

Test and Evaluation

C4ISR covers a broad range of equipment. What is the best solution in your situation? What is effective? We can help you draw up technical specifications and write a Program of Requirements. In addition, we test and assess C4ISR equipment during test setups, demonstrations or exercises. So you can be sure that you are making a good purchase. We do this very carefully, according to all procedures, transparent and independent.

User Training

SurCom provides customized solutions. System integration or standard C4ISR products are part of this. For us it is self-evident that you learn to use these products effectively, so that your use can take place as efficiently and effectively as possible in difficult circumstances. The user training courses are therefore fully part of our solutions. They take place at your location, in our modern business premises in Ede or at our supplier.