“A nature fire is something you want to discover in the early stages. One of our customers orders a camera system for that and on my advise it was differently to what was initially requested. We think along with our customers. That’s teh culture within SurCom. They will get the best solution, provided by us. .” Quoted is Rob, our expert.

One of the barracks of the Dutch army is adjacent to a large training area and nature reserve.The chance of wildfires is present in the summer.”You want to discover it quickly to protect nature and the barracks”, says expert Rob.”Our customer orders a special thermal imager that has to survey the entire site on the roof of a building. I asked and then I went to look at the spot. To be able to effectively monitor the area 360 degrees, it is better to place the camera on a 12 meter mast. I also gave advice on the exact location where the mast should come. The customer took over my advice and after that I took care of the complete installation as a project manager. For example, I hired an engineering firm to make strength calculations and another company to realize the right surface. I also worked closely with the Property Defense Department (DVD).

Site Survey
Rob also looks at a customer who wants to set up a room for radio communication. On the spot he looks at the building and the equipment that is already there. “Everything interacts and influences radio communication. At SurCom we think along and we have a broad scope. That is why I also pay attention to other factors that are important. Such as the EMC levels of the laptops used in the radio room. We provide building permits, other equipment such as security cameras, groundwork for laying energy cables and much more. For this we work together with other companies. At SurCom we know the military world well. This allows us to carry out projects like this smoothly.”

Asking questions
“If a customer orders a product, I always ask. To see if the requested product really offers the solution that the customer expects. And to know if he has thought about everything. Because otherwise he will soon have an excellent product that does not work, or that does not function optimally. For example, a customer asks for solar panels at a given moment. He wants to generate energy to feed equipment. In a conversation I ask for the specific application and equipment. As a result, I can advise this client a specific solution that fits best in his situation. SurCom wants to strengthen the mission of its customers. We take that very seriously. That is why we always seek the best solution for our customers. ”