From our own experience we know the heavy and risky circumstances in which you work . We understand the importance of new C4ISR technology in operational situations. We know how important it is for these high-tech resources to continue to function under all circumstances. And we see how crucial it is to find specific tailor-made solutions for operational issues.

Safe and effective mission

Our goal is to get you on the road with the best equipment. So that your mission runs safely and effectively. Standard products are not sufficient in all cases. As an independent system integrator, we are active worldwide and are able to combine various C4ISR products into a new customized solution. For this we have a wide product portfolio, and if necessary we use additional products from third parties. Providing the best solution is our priority.

SurCom supports your mission from start to finish:

  • we give you expert and thorough advice;
  • we develop and integrate C4ISR products as a customized solution for your specific needs;
  • we deliver robust and high-quality products;
  • we provide training, maintenance, repair and replacement during the life of our products;
  • we supply products for military use and for use by civil security services in special circumstances.

We are your innovative and independent C4ISR system integrator.


C4ISR maintenance

We deliver aftercare on all our products. As a logistics hub, we take a lot of work off your hands by taking care of the entire repair and replacement process for you. We test, diagnose and carry out repairs ourselves at our location in Rhenen (Netherlands). You have returned your product as soon as possible. We give you advice on use, upgrades and possible replacement. So that you can do your work as effectively as possible.

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C4ISR products

Our high-quality customized products can also be a solution for you. That is why we have included our own innovative C4ISR products in a special product catalog. In addition, we offer high-tech C4ISR products from our suppliers. We will always engage with you and think along with you, because we sell C4ISR solutions. Our products are part of that.

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C4ISR system integration

We have high-quality knowledge and well-trained staff who are given the space for research and development. Our technicians seek the best solution by experimenting, innovating and integrating. The SurCom engineers deliver tailor-made solutions and are innovative by combining products into surprising, innovative C4ISR products.

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C4ISR Center of Excellence

The C4ISR Center of Excellence is the independent party for test setups and product testing. You also enable this knowledge center for an independent expert assessment during demonstrations and exercises. In addition, we give you expert advice, we share our unique C4ISR knowledge, we deliver consultancy and training, and we think along with you from an operational and technological context.

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