SurCom is market leader in the field of small and narrow band satellite communications. We also grow strongly in broadband satellite communication systems. “It is safe, saves costs and supports operational deployment,” says Richard, one of our experts.

“The need for satellite communication is increasing,” Richard feels. According to him, that is a logical consequence of the current military action and the operational deployment of law enforcement services such as the police. “Radios have a limited range as a result of physical laws. They are so-called ‘line of sight’ communication systems for the short distance. In addition, radios have a small bandwidth. You can talk to each other perfectly, but sending photos or videos is not possible. And if that is possible, the quality is low and the forwarding takes a long time. “For this reason, soldiers are limited in their functioning. At home they are used to sending messages, images and videos quickly via their smartphone. Why is it not possible during an operational deployment?

Broadband data traffic
Expert Richard answers that question. “It is possible, but that requires broadband satellite communication systems. The systems that are mainly used at the moment are small or narrow band systems. “These are tactical systems that are used during missions for long distance communication (‘beyond line of sight’) between command posts and military units. This mainly concerns voice traffic. Data traffic is possible to a limited extent. “The need for satellite communication in general is increasing strongly, and the need for the broadband variant in particular. We have the position and the knowledge to integrate these systems into military operations in combination with other C4ISR systems.”

Information position
Satellite communication provides very reliable connections with a high up and download speed. In addition, they are super safe. Monitoring is not possible through the encrypted connections. “In addition, as with cable and fiber optics with broadband systems, you can realize many connection points and Wi-Fi networks on site. That saves a lot on the costs compared to the current systems. They can only handle a limited number of connections. If you want more, you have to invest a lot. Broadband satellite communication is a relief. Not only in terms of cost savings, but also when it comes to security and fast data traffic. The situational awareness and information position will therefore increase considerably.”