At Micropol we combine unique design and manufacturing technology to provide more complex and compact passive fiber solutions. Our work is of extremely high precision and we are known for offering short lead times, high quality and custom applications.

Regardless of the application, we have the knowledge and capacity to produce the required product – either according to the customer’s specifications or as a specially tailored solution. All our products are manufactured in our own factories. Our customers can be found in a large number of markets where advanced fiber optic solutions are crucial. Our products are used in a wide range of technologies, from complex fiber optic networks for telecom and data communications to advanced sensor systems for industrial (e.g. mining, forest and offshore), medical and military applications.

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We pride ourselves on being an essential link between today’s information community and that of the future. We have always built our success on long-term relationships, knowledge and solid craftsmanship to provide the highest quality and best service. Solutions made to last a lifetime.

Developed in Sweden

Micropol Fiberoptic AB is located in Ă…led on the Swedish west coast. We are one of Sweden’s oldest and most experienced passive fiber companies. Our first-class production facility includes cleanroom manufacturing, warehouse facilities and technical capabilities. We have 24 employees, 16 of whom are in production.

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