GD-MS has an interesting portfolio with special radio products in the field of Combat Search and Rescue, tactical connectivity and complete battlefield solutions.

Combat Search and Rescue

GD-MS has been market leader for many years with the PRC-112G (Hook2), which transmits secure position data (lat / long), an user identification code, text messages and situation reports in case of emergency. Fast, accurate and reliable location information is provided for pilots, forward air controllers and other personnel in hazardous situations. For this purpose the military emergency frequencies 121.5 and 243 MHz and the SARSAT 406 MHz link are used. The equipment is waterproof, works on (rechargeable) batteries and is easy to carry. In addition to sending location data, the equipment can also be interrogated.  This can be done by radio or via satellite communication.

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GD URC200(V2)

Combat Survival Radio

New is the Hook 3. This radio is 30% smaller and 40% lighter than the PRC-112G (Hook2). Above certain G-forces or when radio comes into contact with saltwater it gives information by itself, for example when the user has become unconscious. The radio must be configured for this by the user. In addition, the radio works longer than its predecessor on batteries and is fully compatible with all Hook 2 equipment. Hook 3 has an embedded 32-channel GPS module for faster and more accurate positioning. This system is extremely suitable for forests and built-up areas. Various GNSS systems can be used.

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Tactical Communications

The URC200 (V2) is one of the tactical connections that SurCom provides from the GD-MS portfolio. This multiband tranceiver (30-420 MHz) is very versatile in terms of use. It can be used manpack, in a 19 “radio rack or in a vehicle. The radio can be remotely controlled via a serial port. Various co-site filters are used to prevent malfunctions. Frequencies are entered via presets on the front of the equipment. All accessories that could be used for V1 can also be used on this upgraded version of the URC. The equipment is not CCI controlled. The radio is extremely suitable for ground-air traffic because of its specifications.

In addition to the URC200 (V), GD-MS makes the Rifleman radio (PRC-154A), with which units at group level can communicate with their commander. Voice, data and GPS information is exchanged via the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW). With the PRC155 Manpack Radio, the military has a 2-channel radio at his disposal. On the one hand, he can communicate with his buddies in the group or platoon, and on the other hand he can transfer information to the higher echelon via the Mobile User Objective Satellite (MUOS) network. This advanced radio works with various waveforms (SRW, WNW, MUOS, SINCGARS and SATCOM), making this radio versatile.

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Battlefield Communications

Users have become used to their mobile phone nowadays with all the possibilities that come with it. Fast, reliable connections with different users whenever you want is commonplace in everyday life. Fortress is needed to make this possible in the military situation. Fortress is a mobile network that uses 4G LTE equipment supplied by GD to create a ‘bubble’ in which the user can access network services. These services are virtually the same as the commercial mobile phone network. ‘Bubbles’ can be connected to each other by gateways, but also linked via wifi. The equipment to be used can be built into vehicles, creating a truly mobile network. This concept includes concepts such as connectivity, roaming and mesh networking capabilities.

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