Dtech Labs makes modular interoperability solutions for tactical use. This provides support for tactical radio systems, encryption and satellite communication. Dtech has developed various product lines:

  • M3C4G: ideal for forward operating units that must have the full functionality of equipment that are normally used separately. Dtech combines these systems into one whole: secure voice, LAN, VoIP, network reachback (IP LAN, IP Satellite, ISDN, Cellular, LTE etc.). These modules can be configured to meet the needs during a mission.
  • M3-SE: a portable (manportable) system to provide secure voice, data and video over IP networks.
  • TXC3 / TXC4: ruggedized routing and computing platforms using Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Cisco 5915 ESR. These modules fit easily into different vehicle applications and manportable scenarios, whereby the specific needs during an operation can be met through the simple and versatile deployment of the system.

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M3C4G Modules

M3 SE voice module