LRAD® Corporation Rebranding as Genasys Inc. 
to Reflect Broader Commitment to Critical Communications

SAN DIEGO, CA – October 23, 2019 – LRAD Corporation (NASDAQ: GNSS), a critical communications company, today announced it is rebranding as Genasys™ Inc (Genasys), aligning the Company’s identity with its leading, connected critical communications systems that empower all levels of domestic and international government and business to effectively manage critical situations and help save lives.

“Over the span of its 27-year history, LRAD and its industry-leading long-range communication systems have developed an exceptional reputation across public safety, law enforcement, defense and commercial sectors,” said Richard S. Danforth, Chief Executive Officer of Genasys. “With our expanded product portfolio that addresses significant business opportunities in larger markets, it is timely for us to rebrand the Company based on our unified, integrated hardware and software platform for a world that’s evolved from limited, siloed information to one that is increasingly connected.”

“The growing importance of governments and organizations to provide clear and timely critical communication during natural disasters, crisis situations and civil disturbances – including through geo-specific messaging on today’s ubiquitous mobile devices – also contributed to the Company’s name change,” Mr. Danforth continued. “The Genasys platform provides a unified, multi-channel approach to deliver potentially lifesaving information and significantly increase the number of people who receive it.”

In addition to the integration of LRAD voice hardware products with Genasys software, the Genasys platform includes Critical Communications as a Service (CCaaS) mobile mass messaging and integrated solutions for business and public safety. LRAD hardware systems are integral to the Company’s unified platform, particularly for public safety, defense, law enforcement and critical infrastructure applications.
“In this new chapter of the Company, we plan to continue expanding our acoustic hailing device (AHD) business while also delivering the only unified solution for public safety, emergency warning and other critical communications applications to the large and growing mass notification market,” said Mr. Danforth. “In coordination with public sector emergency managers, elected officials and business leaders, we will endeavor to keep people safe through our unified, multi-modal distribution of clear, concise alerts, notifications, instructions and information.”

Genasys has a history of delivering innovative systems and solutions, pioneering the AHD market with the introduction of its LRAD systems in 2003, creating the first multidirectional mass notification systems that project sirens and audible voice messages with industry-leading vocal clarity and area coverage in 2012, and recently revolutionizing the public safety and mass notification markets with the only unified platform that combines long-range voice broadcast systems and digital, Critical Communication as a Service (CCaaS) mobile mass messaging.