Tactical DataLinks

On the field of Tactical DataLinks, SurCom has a vast experience in testing, maintaining and integrating Link-16 Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems of  the Low Volume Terminal (LVT) family.
A newcomer in this area is the Small Tactical Terminal (STT), the STT brings mobile network connectivity to tactical warfighters and disadvantaged platforms such as ground vehicles, helicopters, UAVs, small boats, and Network Enabled Weapons (NEW).

The STT is ruggedized to meet or exceed the demanding environmental requirements of those disadvantaged platforms. This two-channel Link 16 and VHF/UHF radio is packaged in an industry-standard compact form factor and is available at an affordable cost. 

NEW: The ViaSat Battlefield Awareness & Targeting System-Dismounted (BATS-D) radio fuses air and ground situational awareness in the palm of your hand.  The world's first handheld Link 16 radio, the ruggedized ViaSat BATS-D delivers real-time Link 16 communications to dismounted and mobile warfighters at the tactical edge. The terminal can be used vest-worn, handheld, or mounted, and is ideal for bringing full Link 16 network access to Special Operations forces, Expeditionary forces, Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs), ground vehicles, maritime craft, UAVs, and coalition warfighters.

The terminal offers edge users access to both air and ground situational data and can provide secure, reliable target data and position location, identification, and status information to the network.

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