Imaging, Detection and Targeting

Situational awareness is a key element of effective command and control in both military and security related operations. By working closely with world-class sensor manufacturers SurCom can offer a solution for almost any reconnaissance, surveillance, detection, or targeting scenario. Sensor products include high-resolution thermal cameras for fixed site, high mobility and handheld applications, ground based surveillance radar and laser ranging and north finding. 

SurCom also carries a range of CBRN-E (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives) detection and analysis products and systems that can seamlessly be integrated with command and control systems.

Extensive use of armor protection on combat vehicles has greatly reduced driver vision. SurCom offers a number of (retrofit) systems that enhance driver vision and situational awareness in both mobile and static situations during night, smoke, or fog conditions.

The use of rapidly deployable unmanned and unattended sensor platforms has greatly improved survivability of military and law enforcement forces personnel in combating insurgents, safeguarding high value assets and countering terrorism around the world. UAVs  are now an indispensable instrument in a vast majority of mission scenarios.  Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) are rapidly gaining acceptance in perimeter and border patrolling, logistics, road clearing and counter-IED missions and can be fitted with remote weapon stations for offensive and defensive purposes. Most vehicle types already in the customer inventory can be modified locally to perform unmanned military and public safety missions.

SurCom offers a micro UAV that can be manually  or autonomously flown in pre-programmed  reconnaissance and surveillance patterns. UGVs come in all shapes and sizes and are usually custom tailored to the mission requirements. Please consult us if you wish to discuss UAV or UGV applications.

TALON Explosive Detection VVE-FOS Guardium Mark2 UGV Datron Scout