Safety Market

As Law Enforcement and the Military are having to increasingly collaborate in public safety related areas, such as counter terrorism, drug intervention, explosive ordnance disposal, riot control, calamity control, etc., we see a large degree of cross fertilization in terms of mission doctrine, training and the use of communications and sensor assets. Examples can be found in interoperable networking radio communications, radio monitoring and intercept, night fighting equipment, thermal imaging cameras and (non-lethal) offensive weapons and tools, i.e. long range acoustic devices, laser dazzlers, etc.

Acoustical Hailing Devices

For applications in harbor entry control, perimeter security, anti-piracy and even crowd control, SurCom offers a family of long-range (up to 2000 meter) acoustic devices, known as  LRAD, emitting directive audio sound of choice.  LRAD devices can be remotely controlled, fitted with HR-CCD camera, laser and high power narrow beam light source. SurCom has ample experience installing, commissioning and servicing LRAD systems around the world. 

Laser deterrence

To assist in the deterrence of potential threats, SurCom offers a high-power, non-lethal dazzling laser devices.They can be used as a handheld device, or be integrated and bore sighted  with hailing, ranging and detection systems, such as LRAD, Laser Range Finder,  Radar, etc. in maritime, land mobile and fixed site applications.

Detection, identification and tracking

SeaLase II is a multifunction electro-optical system designed to detect, identify, and deter the approach of potential threats.  It is comprised of the world’s highest power non-lethal laser device, a long range high definition camera with advanced image processing capabilities, and  automatic target acquisition and tracking.  Optional features include thermal or SWIR cameras and laser rangefinders.  All components comply with relevant MIL standards and have been proven in the harshest of environments at sea and on land.

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SeaLase II SeaLase II Medusa LRAD DSC02589 LRAD 1