DTWC supplies good and affordable, high-quality and reliable communication equipment for tactical and strategic purposes. DWTC makes various types of HF equipment that have excellent specifications. Among others, ALE, Mil-Std 810 compliancy and automatic antenna tuning are standard features. In addition to the handheld version, the VHF equipment also has a manpack version (with 5W output power) and a vehicle version with an output power of 50W. HF equipment can be used flexibly. DWTC therefore supplies all necessary extra accessories such as batteries, various antennas, shock mounts, power amplifiers and the like. The menu can be consulted via an LED display, which is intuitive and requires little training.

In addition to specific single-band solutions, DTWC has recently also developed a multi-band solution that works in the 30-512 MHZ band, including AES-256 digital encryption, GPS and ECCM through frequency hopping.

In the field of strategic connections, DTWC supplies a number of high power RF transmitters (125W, 1KW and 10KW) that are intended for maritime environments.

The product catalog contains a number of examples of equipment that we can supply.

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PRC2100V (VHF)

RT7000 (HF)