Bren-Tronics was founded in 1973 in Long Island, NY by Leo A. Brenna. With more than 40 years of portable / stationary power supply and services provided for military and industrial markets, we provide our customers with safe, reliable, high-quality products. Our current focus for our military customers is to reduce system weight while increasing the capabilities of the users.

Our batteries are used in many different applications including IED jammers, farming robots, trailer mounted renewable energy capture / storage. The company truly offers “ONE STOP SHOPPING” with innovative engineers and resourceful multi-discipline support staff, a facility with in-house qualification testing (including UN Transportation Safety testing) and full production capacity.

We have a team that strives to be superior, flexible, creative and fully cooperative to provide the best solution for our customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The Bren-Tronics sales and marketing teams have a global presence with representatives and product support networks around the world. Contact us to discuss our full product line and capabilities, including: rechargeable batteries, smart battery communications, chargers with conventional input power (AC / DC), fuel cells and renewable energy sources (solar panels, wind turbines), and our full power system solutions for home power applications.

The product catalog contains a number of examples of equipment that we can supply.

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