The goTenna Pro has been used successfully, in combination with the Team Awareness Kit (TAK), during forest fires in the United States in the period 3-9 July 2018. Below are parts of the after action report that has been drawn up:

“In early July, the Montrose Helitack team is equipped with the goTenna Pro tactical mesh network radio integrated with the TAK (Tactical Awareness Kit) app to promote situational awareness and critical communication during forest fires in an area without cellular coverage.”

“During the investigation of smoke reports the system was used by a column of fire fighters. When the convoy entered a ravine and the TAK server connection was broken, the convoy switched over to location navigation via goTenna Pro via manual intervention by the firefighters. ”

“Two teams equipped with a chainsaw and team leader moved to the fire per foot, which burned in a steep gap. Each team and team leader had TAK and a goTenna Pro because there was no cell phone service near the fire. While the chainsaw teams worked, team leader explored the extent of the fire and set priorities for the firefighters. The team leader found two additional fireplaces along a newly constructed firebreak and used his goTenna Pro to pass on the locations of the fireplaces to the chainsaw teams.”

The entire report can be delivered on request.