Electronic Warfare

SurCom offers standalone as well as turnkey solutions for mobile and man-portable EW. We have many years of experience in integrating complex SIGINT/DF systems in space confined land mobile vehicles. Besides passive intercept equipment, we carry a range of active systems for RF spectrum denial.

The PRD-13(V)3 is the latest tactical ESM system in L-3 Linkabit's combat-proven PRD-13 product line introduced 20 years ago. This third-generation system continues the legacy of what has been the predominant tactical ESM system of choice for both the U.S. and international ISR communities.

"The PRD-13(V)3 significantly improves on our PRD-13(V)2 in term of size, weight and power, while maintaining the (V)2's known excellent performance," said Elissa Seidenglanz, senior vice president of division operations and deputy general manager at L-3 Linkabit. "We are very pleased to be providing the ISR community with a true On-The-March SIGINT capability that delivers even greater capability from a much smaller form factor".

Enhancements to the PRD-13(V)3 include software-defined processing, significant weight and power reduction, and an IP-based architecture that enables remote operations as well as networking of multiple systems. For PRD-13(V)3 OTM operations, an additional Android™-based handheld controller enables the system to be controlled through a tether to the processor or via a wireless network. The complete OTM system fits into a standard rucksack and weigh less than 32 pounds.

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EW1 Sigpac PRD-13(V)3

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